What I did that Completely Change My Life When I Couldn't Figure Out How to Consistently Generate Three-figure Daily on Warriorplus, JVZoo and Clickbank

Tony Adeokun | September 13, 2020 | 5 mins read

I learnt this from Todd Gross, who’s an internet marketing video expert, a three time Emmy award winner and #1 JVZOO affiliate.

In 2018,  I came across Dr Ope Banwo Fearless Netpreneur magazine where he wrote about how Todd Gross earns $70k commission in a single day, promoting a product of just $19.

I have known Dr Ope Banwo Since 2015 and I have been following him ever since then.

Dr Ope Banwo has excelled as Attorney, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Author trained thousands of protégés, sold tens of thousands of copies of his books.

Knowing who Dr Ope Banwo is, I’m sure he has the right information before publishing it, but then, I can’t still comprehend.

So, I was so curious, how a single person can earn that much in a single day with a product he does not even create. It's someone else digital product.

If I were to convert that $70K to today’s Naira

How much will that $70k worth?

70,000 x 400 = N28,000,000

…that is Twenty Eight Million Naira in a single day.

To be sincere with you, I was still having doubt then, just like you may have right now, until I gained access to the case study myself and studied how he did it in June 2014.

Dr Ope Banwo then said something, that completely cleared my doubt and he said...

"You simply cannot operate beyond the level of your experience...What you believe impossible is only due to your level of understanding and experience, until someone takes you out of your level of reality, into a whole new world previously beyond your comprehension"

Now here's the thing.

In Todd Gross case study, he talked about over 35 success key points you must consider to be successful in international affiliate marketing.

I have been working with this success key points on my own with no significant success,  until I met a Nigerian man in February 2020, who has really been successful in international affiliate marketing

This man has summarized the entire success key points by Todd Gross to Solid Three Fundamental Strategies.

The Nigerian man's name is Victory Akpomedaye

Victory Akpomedaye is a digital affiliate rock-star who uses his non -conventional method of teaching, to help many Nigerians who are really doing well in international affiliate marketing platform like JVZOO, WarriorPlus and Clickbank, and helping them to consistently doing 3-4 figure every. single. day

I have been learning a lot from Victory Akpomedaye and he said something that completely changed my story in affiliate marketing.

He told me plain and clear, that…

I have not been working with the RIGHT MENTOR, who has proven track records, lots of positive testimonies and his or her results are out there for people to see and verify.

This is the absolute TRUTH.

Nothing can be truer than this.

Before I met him, I have not been working with the right mentor in affiliate marketing, in fact, I was trying to do it all alone and I really struggled hard but nothing to show for it.

But since I met Victory, my story has completely changed

If you too want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you’ve got to work with someone who is an insider, a high performance leader on the affiliate marketing platform, who can mentor you

Here are the 3 Fundamental Strategical approach you’ll ever need. these strategies will take you from complete newbie to at least mid-level affiliate marketer who earn 3-figure per day

I learnt this directly from Victory Akpomedaye.

Strategy #1; You Need Email List of responsive Subscribers

To succeed in this business, you need a LIST that is responsive and ready to buy whatever you promote.

You can build your list through either FREE or PAID method, but paid method is better, because you'll get faster result and every $1 spent on advert, you're likely going to make at least 5times of it back.

There's even a better way to build a highly responsive list. We will get to that later.

Strategy #2: The right Messages across to your responsive list

Powerful messages that can convince your subscribers to buy the products you are promoting.

It plays a vital role in your affiliate marketing success.

The messages have to be irresistible and you can use this to convert your list of subscribers to buyer that will continue to buy from you always.

Strategy #3: Application of Bonuses or Incentives

Bonuses are the extra incentives you offer your subscribers to buy through your link. This differentiates you from thousands of other affiliates promoting the same products.

Here's the part you shouldn't miss

Getting responsive email list is not a stroll in the park if you don't know how to go about it.

You'll probably spend a whole lot to build responsive list from scratch.

The best approach to building responsive list, that will buy and buy again any offer you're promoting is...

...to gain access to Facebook custom audience of buyers in any of the platform (JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus) and run ads to their Lookalike audience on Facebook.

You'll spend way less amount building list that are responsive this way.

If you're thinking how you can get access to such Facebook Custom Audience or build a responsive list without spending a fortune.

Worry not, at the end of this article, you'll see how to gain access to proven Facebook custom audience of JVZoo buyers.

Getting the right messages across to your list, can also be hard, except if you're good at copywriting and able to craft powerful messages that will convince them to buy.

If you're not able to do this, the easiest way is to gain access to Done-For-You (DFY) powerful messages that convert subscribers to buyers and with little editing to sooth the product you want to promote.

...though messages like this can be very costly but still, there's a way around it too without you paying any expensive copywriter to craft such messages for you.

The third part, which is the bonuses or incentives.

You know what?

Bonuses or extra incentives is the only way you can use to beat many other super affiliates who already have huge responsive list, and can create powerful messages.

There are several places to get bonuses even for FREE if you don't really have much to create bonuses from scratch.

Sign up with any quality PLR website and you can get tons of quality products you can offer as bonus or extra incentives (my qualified subscribers gain access for free to a quality PLR site offering great products everyday)

The best bonuses to offer are "Custom and Complementary Bonuses"

These are the type of bonuses that are specially made to go with the main product you're promoting. To further help your subscriber to get more benefits from the main product you’re promoting to your subscribers.

Here's something tantalizing...

I purposely reserve the best for the last; so that, you can actually gain practical insight into  how to strategically use the 3 most important requirements to consistently earn 3 - 4 figure ($) daily in affiliate marketing and you too can go out and conquer

So, here's it...

If you're truly interested in affiliate marketing to earn in Dollar while you spend in Naira and not being affected by the hash economy of Nigeria..

I will recommend that you watch this short Video Training by Victory Akpomedaye.

What he reveals in the free video and how to apply them effectively, are exactly what he taught...

...Seun Ogundele, Michael Agene, Anthonio Nich Uche, Nonso Onwuneme, Lanre James, Joshua Johnson, just to name a few of successful students of Victory Akpomedaye

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